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Financial Health for Professionals

INTELUS is prepared to help you Create, Build and Protect your financial legacy!

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Running a business of any kind is not easy. Neither is planning for retirement. We specialize in helping professionals, business owners and retirees establish and maintain financial health. In doing so, our clients can spend more time doing what they do best.


Our core business is your financial health. Contact one of our advisors today to Create, Build, and Protect your financial future. Our financial professionals provide the following services:

Services for Business Owners

Financial Planning/Consultation

Financial health is about achieving mastery in the many areas of your financial life. Our proven process, VITALS, helps you identify and start tracking towards your financial goals.

Investment Planning

Our professionals are standing by to help you invest your resources. From understanding the marketplace, to building a portfolio that aligns with your needs, our advisors are here for you.

Business Owner Planning

Running a business requires broad knowledge—and a lot of hard work. Let us help you make sound financial decisions. We are prepared to help you improve things like business structure, retirement planning, employee benefits, etc.

Protection Planning

Plan for the unforeseen. From tax-saving strategies, to strategies protecting your income and assets. Develop strategies to protect the assets you have worked diligently to build.

Services for Health Professionals

Financial Planning/Consultation

Healthcare professionals represent a diverse economy. INTELUS is prepared to provide consultancy for net worth tracking, retirement analysis expense analysis, and other strategies for your financial future.

Investment Planning

Whether you run a private practice, or are a member of a healthcare group of professionals, INTELUS will help you understand the strengths and threats of the marketplace as you invest.

Business Owner Planning

Healthcare professionals have a huge responsibility. When they own their own businesses, INTELUS is prepared to provide business structure consultation, business succession planning, estate planning and other services for establishing a healthy future for you and your business.

Protection Planning

Healthcare professionals must plan for the unforeseen. INTELUS brings broad knowledge of the tax system, and is experienced in providing tax mitigation strategies and strategies for protecting your assets and income.

Services for Retirees

Financial Planning/Consultation

INTELUS is skilled at providing analysis for increasing the viability that you can retire comfortably. This service includes social security analysis and annual forecasting with retirement projections.

Investment Planning

INTELUS provides investment strategies for your IRA, 401k, and your taxable investment accounts. Our team assist you with analyzing your portfolio’s risk and provide investment recommendations which are tailored to your personal  financial goals.

Retirement Income Planning

INTELUS assists you in evaluating your current assets and expenses. Our mission is to assist you in setting a strategy to receive the income you desire from your hard earned assets. We consider the proper withdrawal rates, taxes, risk profile, and potential investment return in your analysis.

Protection Planning

INTELUS provides advice on how to protect your assets for the people and organizations you care about. We review your tax strategies as well as your estate planning. You will receive advice on beneficiary designations, various trusts, and charitable giving strategies to protect and pass on your legacy.

Our Process

Contacting us begins an important journey to financial health. Our process includes the following:

Let’s get to know each other.
Let’s define your financial goals.
Let’s build strategies for your goals and determine alternative scenarios.
Let’s determine a plan of action.
Let’s work together to take action.
Let’s identify what works, and continue the process.


INTELUS is a team of financial professionals dedicated to helping you Create, Build and Protect your financial legacy. Connect with an INTELUS Advisor today and take control of your financial future.


Legacy is an important word at INTELUS. Our legacy is built on a reputation of doing what we say we will. Our processes and insights aim to exceed your expectations, so that you can build a legacy of financial health.


INTELUS partners with business owners as they seek to Create, Build, and Protect a financial legacy through objective and holistic financial advise.